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Horror Films And Their Place In Drive-In Theater History

August 1st, 2013 by admin - Comments Off

Everyone remembers the great days of drive-in movies. Cheesy horror movies, Hollywood blockbusters, and epic love stories played out in front of parking lots full of fascinated viewers. Here are five of the great actors of the drive-in era. Harrison Ford Star Wars is the greatest drive-in theater movie of all time, and Harrison Ford was the star that made that film fun. But it was not only Star Wars that sealed his reputation. Other films like American Graffiti made him very popular with audiences of the day.The whole story can be found at Christopher Reeve Superman was one of the first big blockbuster action movies, and the thrill of seeing the superhero on the enormous screen of the drive-in cannot be replicated. Superman was a spectacle, and Christopher Reeve carried the role with aplomb. Ryan O’Neal From Paper Moon to Love Story,, Ryan O’Neal was one of the great heartthrobs of the 70s. He specialized in quirky romantic leads, but films like Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon demonstrated his range and intellect. Robert De Niro De Niro was dangerous in the era of the drive-in theater. Movies like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull had a mean energy to them that exploded out of the big screen. Vincent Price Price was already successful by the time drive-in theaters rolled around, so he was mostly having fun. He was the king of scary films and horror movie narration.

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